How to relax and unwind | What helps relieve fatigue

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How to relax and unwind | What helps relieve fatigue

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How to relax and unwind

There are lots of ways to relax and have a rest, but I will say to you two from them.

The first is a good option, is to provide time for yourself calm environment (turn off the phone, hang a sign on the door: "Do not disturb"), turn on slowly and light music, situate comfortably on the sofa or on chair and just dream.

Second, a good method to relax, do it all the same as in the first version, but instead of music start play ASMR video. What is ASMR? Read my series of articles about this phenomenon on my blog.

A little about the musical track "The world named Ambiten": quiet, easy composition, written in the genre of electronic music. His sound and rhythm plunges us into the mysterious (almost perfect) world.

P.S. Write in the form of discussion under the player, what do you think about this music. And I as a writer would be very grateful if you share this page in social networks.
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Copyright © 2014-2017 All right reserved.
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