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Export project in an audio file

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17. Stream to File. Program Orion 8.5

No matter how much the author is conjured over by its musical track, always comes a time when you need to escape from the fascinating creative process, and listen to your track in a relaxed atmosphere, for example, on your favorite audio system, in your MP3 player, in the car, on the your phone, etc. (as this track will listen to your potential audience).
Or maybe you want to share your results in the music with your friends and family. Or maybe you want to share of your musical creativity with the world, in fact now a lot of online sites that provide a resource for locating your musical tracks (for example SoundCloud.com). In the end, you might want to show your musical tracks for professionals: producers, record labels, recording studios, etc., and who knows, maybe the next cool-sounding hit (everywhere) it will be your track.
So, order to was can convert your project in a particular audio file, which is required for all of the above options, in the program Orion 8.5 there is a function - Stream to File. Let's look at it.
Export project in an audio file | How to listen to what composed | Creating music on your computer
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