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About infinity | From beginning to the end

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Where to start, and that in the end?

A little puzzle:

...everything has a beginning and everything has an end (so they say, and it's true). But if we are talking about infinity, why we think one-sided? That is, we see and accept only that infinity has no end.

And following by the logic, we can say that can not end, only that did not start. Hence, at infinity, not have the end and not have beginning. But if that did not start it can not exist.

Conclusion: infinity which surrounds us (in the form of the universe), simply do not exist, which means that we as part of this infinity - also do not exist. But, we all live, and thus, we can assume that either there is no infinity, or that on a par with the "beginning" and "end", there is something else equal and equivalent.

People often ask: what after death?

The answer is simple: you need only remember what was before birth.

And maybe it is not necessary to remember? Maybe now it is the - before the birth?

Your thoughts, if you wish, you can keep in shape for discussion under the player.

A bit about of the music track - "From beginning to end". The composition is written in the genre of electronic music with an interesting and melodic theme. Track without words, but with a subtext and meaning.

I really like the digression from the theme (the so-called down), and guitar feature in the end of track.
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