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How to learn to dance | Spining top flashmob

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A little background to the musical track - Spinning top flashmob

In high school, we are had constantly on weekends and holidays super discos. On the dance floor going to girls and boys from different classes to once again demonstrate to each other, new dance moves, that was learning from time since last dance party.

However, no matter how much practice at home, in discos, I did not dare to join in the fun. I'm just was embarrassed, thinking that I the worst of all dancer.

But, damn it, at a party, the DJ has launched a new, super crazy and cheerful music track that even I could not stand still. I did not care about good or bad I dance, I did not care what others think of me, just the music itself forced to be liberated me.

This track is still many months was a hit at our school discos, playing for the evening many times.

By the way, at the party, when I forgot about my complexes and danced, I met a girl from a parallel class, with which later we started dating.

A few words about the musical track - Spinning top flashmob

Now, I do compose music, and I want you to present  for your musical track - Spinning top flashmob. This dance hit, written in the genre of electronic music.

"Spinning top" because I want to convey to listeners of dynamic aquatic children's toys, and the "flashmob" refers to mass participation in the cheeky and energetic dance.
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