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How to dream properly | Dream and reality

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How to make your dreams into reality

On this issue, there is a simple answer:

Firstly, you must have a dream! Because it will never be your dream a reality, if you do not have this dream.
Second, the dream must be real, that is actually doable.
Third, you just need to translate it as you want, from a state of dreams, into the state of reality. And this requires two parameters: time and purpose of specific actions (forces). It should be remembered that these two aspects are inversely proportional. That is, the less time you want to spend that a dream is come true, then the more and more targeted actions you need to perform, and vice versa. Believe it or not.

In the meantime, do you think that I outlined above, I suggest you listen to a truly beautiful and interesting music - The reality and dreams.
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