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Creating music on your PC

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Dear friends, Now you're on a page with video tutorials on the Orion program, which is designed to create electronic music on the computer.
To be entirely honest and respectful to you and to your time, as the author of these lessons, I would like to inform you about one aspect.
Namely, these lessons were created in the period from 2013 to 2014, when there were no problems with downloading the demo version from the manufacturer, as well as its purchase.
But for some time now ago, the producers made limited access to the program for its download and purchase. That is, on the official website (currently 11.25.2015 years), you can not download this program or buy it.
For me (and not only for me), very sorry that the situation now is that, because the program is very decent, and most of the tracks, that you can listen to on my site was created in it.
But still a glimmer of hope that the program will return someday. For example, in October 2015, released version Orion 8.6, but only for registered users, ie, For those who already have an earlier version.
And yet, on the official forum, sometimes you can find an offer that someone is selling his copy.
Whatever it was, you must decide, study this program or not.

Thank you very much for your understanding

1. Introduction. Overview program Orion 8.5 (English)

Orion - a complete musical, virtual studio from the company Synapse Audio Software which create software for professional music producers since 2000, while continuing developing and currently. View the first lesson

2. Download and install the program ORION 8.5 (English)

In this video, we demonstrate how to download the program ORION (demo) from manufacturer's Website, and then how to install this program on your computer. View the second lesson

3. Program ORION 8.5. The First Sound (English)

This video will show procedure to insert of a musical instrument (of sound generator) into the project, and then how to make that it to sound. View the third lesson

4. Settings of audio input and audio output in ORION 8.5 (English)

In this video, we will configure the audio output and audio input for to work correctly Orion program. View the fourth lesson

5. The workspace Orion 8.5 (English)

In this video, you will meet with the workspace of program Orion.
In this video, we'll go through all the visible elements of the workspace Orion, with brief descriptive information of these elements. View the fifth lesson

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