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музыкант, автор и исполнитель песен собственного сочинения
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The program for creating music in English

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6. Two operating modes in Orion 8.5: Pattern and Song (English)

In the program Orion, there are two basic modes of operation on the creation of a musical track.
Pattern and Song. View the sixth lesson

7. Generator of program Orion 8.5 (English)

GENERATOR - this is a very important element of the program, with which we will work continuously. View the seventh lesson

8. Piano Roll in Orion 8.5 (English)

Piano Roll - is an important tool of the program Orion 8.5, for recording and editing of musical parties for the selected instrument. View the eighth lesson

9. Playlist in program Orion 8.5 (English)

Playlist - a tool where you will form the structure of your music track. View the ninth lesson

Manipulations with musical notes in Orion 8.5 (English)

For writing of musical parts of your track in the program Orion, you need to know, and skillfully use different kinds of manipulations over the musical notes (midi - events), as well as way to edit these musical notes. View the tenth lesson

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