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Creating music at home

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11. The essence of using patterns in program Orion 8.5 (English)

The essence of using patterns is that the musician by prescribing party for different patterns can significantly diversify the development of musical party for the selected tool (to increase the number of variations of melody, rhythm, etc.). View the eleventh lesson

12. Increasing the length of the pattern in Orion 8.5 (English)

In program Orion, length of the pattern  by default determined by the size of one cycle. But, if necessary (and it happens quite often), it can be easily corrected. View the twelfth lesson

13. Program Orion 8.5. Loop. (English)

In order to fully focus on the part of the track that we're working on at the moment and do not drive track from the beginning to the end, in the program Orion 8.5 (for this) has a tool the LOOP. View the thirteenth lesson

14. Saving of the project in Orion 8.5 (English)

When you're working on a musical project, you need to save it in order to later on you can always come back to it and continue working on it. All you need is to specify a location on your computer where you will store the project file and give it a name. View the fourteenth lesson

15. Temp of the project in program Orion 8.5 (English)

Tempo of a musical work is an important component that affects the character of the sounding of the track. Changing only one tempo of track can give us different moods and sounding. View the fifteenth lesson

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