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Simple program for creating music

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16. Event Editor Tempo in program Orion 8.5 (English)

In this video (as I promised), let's continue the theme about the tempo in the project, namely, how to automate it. View the sixteenth lesson

17. Stream to File. Program Orion 8.5 (English)

No matter how much the author is conjured over by its musical track, always comes a time when you need to escape from the fascinating creative process, and listen to your track in a relaxed atmosphere. View the seventeenth lesson

18. Stream to audio file WAV in Orion 8.5 (English)

In the last lesson, we looked at the theory, of how export the project created in Orion 8.5 to audio file. View the eighteenth lesson

19. Stream of project to the audio file MP3 in Orion 8.5 (English)

In this tutorial I'll show you in practice, how from created project (track) in the program of Orion, to get an audio file in MP3 format. View the nineteenth lesson

20. Stream of project to the audio file OGG in Orion 8.5 (English)

We continue to consider the theme of exports musical project created in Orion in the audio file. Lets look export in audio file of format OGG. View the twentieth lesson

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