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Program for recording your music Orion 8.5

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21. Stream to File - each instrument of project into a separate file (English)

In this lesson we will see in practice how to get the audio of each instrument of project as a separate file. View the twenty first lesson

22. Stream to File of selected instruments by using function solo (English)

For example, you have created a musical track of that uses a lot of musical instruments (parties), but at some point you need to get the audio files are not all the instruments, and only one (or some). View the twenty second lesson

23. Stream to File of selected instruments by using function mute (English)

When we use stream to file of musical instruments (parties), MUTE function is the opposite function of SOLO, ie we end up will get files of those musical instruments, for which we do not used the function mute. View the twenty third lesson

24. Mixing Desk and Master Section in Orion 8.5 (English)

In this lesson we look two elements that are very important tools of the program Orion - it is Mixing Desk and Master Section. View the twenty fourth lesson

25. Adding an effect to a track in Orion 8.5 (English)

To add an effect to a track, press the right mouse button above the slot of insertion on the channel mixer, and then from the list that appears select the desired effect processor. View the twenty fifth lesson

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